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Medical supply offers new equipment and supplies for offices, hospitals and surgical centers.

Foothills Medical Supply distributes specialty medical equipment and supplies needed in hospitals, and surgery centers. We will be onsite to assist with the installation of your new equipment to be sure it is set up and functioning before we leave. We will gladly remove your old equipment and assure the training needed is provided for your new equipment.

Call 980-721-5455 to see if we can offer the equipment you need and provide you with a quote and detailed information. We offer a wide array of medical equipment and surgical instrument products of major medical manufacturers.


Huge selection of new hospital equipment and medical supplies.


MAC Medical


  1. Warming Cabinets- Blanket and fluid warmers- Single and dual chamber
  2. Surgical Scrub Sinks
  3. Stretchers- Transport and Eye
  4. Tables- Instrument/ back/ Sterile Process/ Work
  5. Case Carts- Enclosed and Open
  6. Processing Sinks
  7. Stainless steel cabinetry
  8. Mayo and Ring Stands
  9. IV Poles/ Kick Buckets/ Linen Hampers



Birkova Products


  1. Stretcher Pads
    • Standard Stretcher Pads- All makes and models- 7 sizes in stock- will custom make if needed
    • Pressure Management Stretcher Pads- Constructed for extra comfort- Uses a top layer of memory foam
  2. Table Pads
    • Standard or Table Pads- Designed for shorter procedures- All makes and models- Will custom make or special order if needed
    • Fusion Series or Table Pads- Designed for medium length procedures (High density foam)- All makes and models- Will custom make or special order if needed
    • Pressure Management Series or Table Pads- Designed for long procedures- (high density foam with a top layer of memory foam)- All makes and models- Will custom make or special order if needed
    • Integra Gel Series or Table Pads- Most comfortable pad- (High density foam with memory foam with a top layer of gel material)- All makes and models- Will custom make or special order if needed
    • Bariatric Series or Table Pads- 4" thick- (Sturdy construction with high density foam top layer of memory foam and a bottom layer of a rigid base foam)- All makes and models- Will custom make or special order if needed
  3. Table Accessory Pads
    • Pads for Stirrups/ Armboards/ Positioning wedge pads/ Custom made if needed
  4. Gel Positioners- Leg & Arm/ Head/ Specialty
  5. Restraint Straps- Leg & Arm/ Table Restraints/ Velcro/ Disposable/ Custom
  6. Labor and Delivery- Birthing Mattresses/ Basinet Pads/ Infant Warmer Pads/ Custom





  1. All types of patient positioners- Armboards/ Stirrups/ Gyn-Lap-Urology/ Hand-Arm/ Knee/ Shoulder/ Spine
  2. All types of table accessories and clamps
  3. Pads for all types of positioners and accessories
  4. Patient transfer boards
  5. Pedigo warming cabinets



MPD Medical


  1. All types of carts- Crash Carts/ Medical Carts/ Case Carts/ Anesthesia Carts/ Phlebotomy Carts/ Storage & Utility
  2. Work Stations
  3. Storage Cabinets
  4. Warming Cabinets- Single and dual chamber
  5. Cart Accessories and organizers
  6. High density storage shelves- Meds/ Supplies
  7. Cabinetry- Exam Room/ Nurses Station/ Lab/ Office
  8. Custom Carts made to order if needed





  1. Trays of all types- Sterile processing trays (stainless & plastic)/ Scope trays/ Instrument trays/ sterile pack trays/ Mayo trays
  2. Stainless steel basins/ bowls/ cups
  3. Storage bin systems
  4. Suture Carts
  5. Utility Carts
  6. Wire shelving systems
  7. Cart Covers for linens/ equipment



Clinton Industries


  1. Tables- Power & Manual/ Exam/ Treatment/ Imaging/ Bariatric/ Family Practice/ Pediatric/ Sports Training
  2. Cabinets- Treatment/ Bedside/ Mobile/ Exam Room
  3. Recovery Couches
  4. Phlebotomy Chairs
  5. Stools/ Step Stools
  6. Mayo stands/ Gooseneck exam light
  7. Exam Room/ Medical Accessories



Ohio Medical


  1. Vacuum regulators
  2. O2 Flowmeters
  3. O2 Flow Regulators
  4. Hoses/ Adaptors & Couplers





  1. Scales of all types- Patient/ Wheelchair/ In-Floor Scales/ Infant/ Patient lift-transport/ Veterinary
  2. Note: Also sells carts but handling through MPD



MedPlus Services USA


  1. Wholesale Catalogs Sales- Wide range of medical equipment and supplies at wholesale prices





  1. All SPD products- No book yet



Surgical Instrument


  1. Sklar Instruments
  2. Phoenix Instruments- No markings- Same instruments at a better price
  3. American Instrument Management- Greg Collins- Sharpening- On-site van services



Foothills Medical Supply






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